Vivian Ridge: A Glimpse Into The Life Of Bob Ross’s First Wife


Bob Ross is revered in the art world as a legendary painter and television presenter. Vivian Ridge, his first wife and a talented artist in her own right, stands behind this icon. Born in 1964 and passing away tragically in 1977, Vivian Ridge’s untimely death was a significant loss to the creative industry.

In this blog post, we explore Vivian Ridge’s biography and history. We will investigate her appreciation for art, her relationship with Bob Ross, and the legacy she left behind.

A Love Inspired By Art

Bob Ross, renowned for his landscape oil paintings and instructional television program, was married thrice. His relationship with his first wife, Vivian Ridge, began in 1965. This union between the two artists was marked by mutual affection and a shared love for the world of art.

Vivian Ridge: A Creative Spirit

The passion of Vivian Ridge was for art in all its forms and manifestations. Her art appreciation transcended boundaries and encompassed various dimensions of creativity; she had always been an artist. Among her fondest recollections is visiting Bob Ross’s studio near Long Island, where she would observe his artistic prowess and bring his canvases to life.

A Glimpse Into Her World: A Memoir By Vivian

Vivian Ridge wrote her autobiography, which provides a glimpse into her life and her husband’s voyage. She shared her views on art, love, and life in general in her writings, offering readers a unique perspective on her experiences as an artist and as the beloved wife of Bob Ross.

A Quiet Artistic Adventure

Even though Vivian Ridge did not actively pursue renown or extraordinary accomplishments in the art world, she was presented with opportunities that she seized appropriately. Her journey as an artist lacked the adversity typically associated with such endeavours. Instead, she embraced the artistic possibilities that presented themselves with aplomb.

A Departure Too Soon

As quickly as life’s fortunes can change, so did Vivian Ridge and Bob Ross’s romance. After twelve years of shared experiences and artistic endeavours, they divorced and filed for separation. Unfortunately, natural causes cut Vivian’s life short shortly after their break.

Bob Ross remarried twice after the death of his first wife, Vivian, but her memory remained engraved in his heart.

Vivian Ridge And The Children Of Bob Ross

Vivian Ridge and Bob Ross’s love bore fruit in the form of their offspring. In August 1966, only one year after their wedding, they welcomed their first child, a son. It’s not surprising that this infant inherited his parents’ artistic genes. The precise birth year of the couple’s second child is currently unknown.

Remembrance Of Bob Ross

Born in 1942, Bob Ross left an indelible mark on the art world. Even today, his masterpieces continue to be revered and admired. Posthumous praise is evidence of his enduring legacy.

From Military Service To Mastery: Bob Ross’s Path
Bob Ross made a pivotal choice by enlisting in the United States Air Force before beginning his painting career. His service as a medical records technician exposed him to the majesty of snow-covered mountains, sparking his appreciation for nature’s splendour.

Ross realized during his time in the military that the rigours of the position demanded toughness and composure. He left the military to pursue art, his genuine passion. During this time, he fell in love with painting and found solace and inspiration in the creative process.

The Enchantment Of Oil Painting

Bob Ross’s career as a painter began with a desire to learn. He knew what he wished to do but needed to gain the necessary skills. Ross fell upon the television program “The Magic of Oil Painting,” his entry point to mastering the art of painting.

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With perseverance, practice, and advice from the program, he refined his abilities and began selling his artwork. Bob Ross produced approximately 30,000 paintings, leaving a legacy of enduring creativity and artistry.

Vivian Ridge’s life may have been fleeting, but her influence as an artist and Bob Ross’s first wife endures. She enriched creativity through her passion for art and her relationship with the renowned artist. As we recall the masterworks of Bob Ross, let us also remember Vivian Ridge, the artist who shared a unique and loving relationship with the legendary painter.